Secular Curricular Resources
The Discovery site includes a quiz center where you can produce, administer and save quizzes online, a puzzlemaker, a worksheet generator and a clip-art gallery.
The Learning Page site includes basic worksheets and theme worksheets. While some of the worksheets are available at no cost, others require that you become a member for a nominal fee. Worksheets include topics such as alphabet, calendar, money, measurements, senses, telling time and more.
The Scholastic site gives teachers the opportunity to create a class homepage with limited computer skills. List homework assignments, post photos of class events, send important messages for parents.
The TeacherVision site has graphic organizers, lesson plans, ideas for classroom management, printables (awards and certificates, math handouts) and more. The Teacher Tools section includes a Quiz Lab and Grade book. (There is a nominal fee to join the site.)

Judaic Curricular Resources

Jewish Student Online Research Center (JSOURCE), is an on-line "encyclopedia" on subjects ranging from Jewish history, Israel, U.S.-Israel relations, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and Judaism. This site also has a current events section - great for a discussion of the latest news.
This is the site of the Pedagogic Center of the Joint Authority for Jewish and Zionist Education. The site contains great information, complete lesson plans and new ideas. The ideas can be adapted for use in your classroom.
The Jewish Guide to the Internet second edition by Diane Romm connects to online sites on a variety of Jewish subjects. Some topics of interest you will discover are: Academic Jewish Studies, Books, Calendar, Directories, Divrei Torah, Games, History, Israel, Jewish Community, Jewish Holidays and Texts, Genealogy, Hebrew, Yiddish and more.
The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora at Bar Ilan University's Department of Education has developed a variety of lesson plans suitable for grades 1 - 12. Topics include Bible, Language, Holidays, Jewish History and Halacha.
This site includes lessons submitted by mechanchim around the world. The collection includes more than 11,000 worksheets. The Bais Midrash includes features pertaining to Tanach, Torah sh'be'al Peh, Dinim and Kesuvim, with worksheets, teaching tips, reviews of sefarim and more. Also on the site are preschool materials, pedagogic resources, message boards and more.
Da'at, Mercaz Limudei Yahadut v'Ruach, has put together this wide-ranging Hebrew language site. It offers articles and essays covering twenty-five areas of study, including Tanach, Tefilla, Shoah, Toldot Yisrael, Machshevet Yisrael and much more.
V'Shinantam, UAHC's National Teacher Newsletter includes 3 sections: Torah contains thoughts and ideas for teachers to help support and elevate us in the holy work of education; Avodah includes teaching ideas and suggestions, and G'milut Chasadim contains information about a specific mitzvah and suggests opportunities to involve students and teachers in the work of helping others, in and out of the classroom.
The Melton Arts site offers educators sample lessons which teach Judaism through the Arts. In addition to the lesson plans on the site, there are links to other resources. Teachers are encouraged to submit their ideas as well.
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