The Babaganewz site, sponsored by the Avi Chai Foundation, complements the Babaganewz classroom magazine which is geared for grades 4 - 7 students. Each month there is a specific theme, with information, activities and games associated with that theme. The site includes virtual tours of different parts of Israel, e-cards, crafts, news stories and fun stuff relating to holidays. Both the website and magazine are slick, attractive resources and can be used independently of one another.
An extensive site for kids, their parents and teachers. The Zionism section, developed in honour of 100 Years of Zionism, includes symbols of Israel, a timeline, personalities, games and puzzles. In the Hebrew Survival Kit you can click on a phrase to have it pronounced in Hebrew. The Language page helps build vocabulary with word and picture quizzes. The sections on holidays include stories and information. And there’s much, much more . . .
Akhlah, The Jewish Children’s Learning Network, contains information on holidays, Israel, Hebrew and heroes, all in a child-friendly way.
Direct from Brooklyn, New York, the Torah Tots site includes sections on Holidays, Parsha and Hebrew. Of particular note are the pictures of holidays and letters of the alef-bet that can be printed for children to colour. The holiday pages also include the story of the holiday and a fun & games section.


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