Glimcher Fellows Program

Research has demonstrated time and again that professional development opportunities for teachers in Israel impact their teaching directly, on many levels. The greatest beneficiaries are the children. Successful Israel education depends upon creating informal learning opportunities for leaders and teachers to gain a sense of commitment to, and community with, Israel. And, to infuse our teachers with this sense of mission, we cannot do better than to put them in direct contact with the dream-come-true of Israel.

The Glimcher Fellows Program was born as a direct response to this ongoing need. By providing financial subsidies to local Jewish educators, they are afforded the opportunity to study and experience Israel first-hand. The richness and variety of Jewish experience, activity, and knowledge is unparalleled in any other setting.

Study seminars are tailored to meet the various needs of the participants and are also the culminating component of one or two years of intensive course study offered through the Jewish Teacher Institute.

The AJL conducts intensive orientation and follow-up sessions with all participants in order to maximize the effect of each study seminar. Upon their return, teachers are asked to share resources and experiences with peers and administrators. Educators are asked to compose their thoughts and impressions in journal entries, when before, during, or after the trip.

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