Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network includes a Hebrew area with interactive lessons, a dictionary, coloring pages, and much more.



My Hebrew Dictionary contains an online English-Hebrew dictionary, divided by topic.



This is an online course that teaches Hebrew reading (for children and adults). Includes excellent animated midrashim about the letters and roots of key Hebrew words.



Foundationstone is a free online Hebrew tutorial designed to teach Hebrew with vocabulary, verb charts and grammatical construction charts for teens and adults.



This site features a free demo of the CD-ROM, "At Home with Hebrew." It also offers other free web-based program demonstrations and promotes online Hebrew study programs.


This is the site of the National Center for the Hebrew language, a full Hebrew resource center.  It contains additional links, as well as headlines in Hebrew, ulpan directory, articles about Hebrew (in Hebrew), milat hayom, and milat haparashah.



Jacob Richman's comprehensive list of Hebrew Education sites - for all ages. Great links!



Milingua features an online course that teaches Hebrew to English speakers

(teen-adult) and features a "Hebrew word a day" delivered to your E-mail.



The site of "My Hebrew Picture Dictionary" - great for both children and adults!



This site provides a Hebrew keyboard, and vocabulary quizzes, and interactive games with pictures for beginners.



Listen to the sounds of the alef-bet and vowels at the National Jewish Outreach program's site. 



This site, developed by Nurit Reshef, Curriculum Coordinator of the Talmud Torah School of Edmonton, Alberta, offers several Hebrew language fun pages, as well as other Jewish educational resources and links.  Click on "language fun" to find Hebrew vocabulary, quizzes with pictures, Hebrew word match and picture fun.



Entitled "Hebrew for Me," this interactive, instructional site for conversational Hebrew is fun!  It includes games, activities, puzzles and more!

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