Aish Hatorah
The Aish Hatorah site, Weekly Torah Portion, includes Diveri Torah suitable for a wide range of ages and backgrounds. The Family Parsha section, for example, includes "lessons, stories and discussion questions for parents and kids".

The site set up by Kolel: The Adult Centre for Liberal Jewish Learning includes an overview of this week's parsha, with lessons for today. Archives are available as well.

Torah in Motion
The Torah in Motion site includes a weekly D'var Torah based on the parsha, as well as an archive of Divrei Torah for other parshiot. (Torah in Motion is a Toronto-based organization that offers lectures and conferences that focus on issues that are relevant to the Jewish community.)

Akhlah, the Jewish Children's Learning Network
The Akhlah site includes simplified versions of the parsha suitable for use with young children.

Torah Tots
Torah Tots offers a simplified version of the current parsha and the following week's parsha for teachers who would like to plan ahead. These summaries are also available on the cd-rom "Parsha on Parade"; click here for further information. The site includes, as well, the "Midrash Maven."

Jewish Theological Seminary
by the Jewish Theological Seminary, includes translations of the parashah and the haftarah as well as commentary on the parashah. Archives of past commentaries are available as well.

Lookstein Center / Bar Ilan University
The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora includes a section: Focus On which contains triggers to ethical class discussions related to the Parasha.

Jewish Agency
The Jewish Agency site includes a selection of Nechama Leibowitz's Gilyonot organized by parasha, answers to some of the questions Nechama poses and archives. In English, Hebrew, Spanish and French.

Agency for Jewish Learning * 2740 Beechwood Blvd * Pittsburgh, PA 15217 * 412-521-1101

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