The Agency for Jewish Learning - Pittsburgh’s Central Resource for Lifelong Jewish Education

“They shall teach your laws to Jacob and your instruction to Israel.” (Deuteronomy 33:10)

Jewish learning and the sharing of collective knowledge, history and heritage is built into the very fabric of Jewish culture passed from generation to generation through the written and oral traditions.

Since 2004, the Agency for Jewish Learning (AJL) has been heir to a long tradition of Jewish education in Pittsburgh stemming from the Hebrew Institute, founded in 1901, the Advanced Jewish Study Program started in the aftermath of the Second World War and the Jewish Education Institute (JEI), established in 1991.

Reaching Jewish Hearts and Minds

Located in Squirrel Hill in the heart of Jewish Pittsburgh, AJL is a partner agency of the United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh. With programs extending to the Jewish communities of Allegheny County, we are greater Pittsburgh’s central source of Jewish education for all generations of learners and the primary resource for Jewish educators.

Winner of the Shazar Prize for Excellence in Jewish Education

In 1994 at ceremonies in Jerusalem, the AJL (then called, JEI) was awarded the prestigious President Zalman Shazar Prize for “Excellence in Jewish Education in the Diaspora,” presented by Israel’s Department of Education and Culture.

Resource and Study

With over 20 different programs and departments, we span a broad scope of Jewish knowledge and learning, from preschool to adult, from the certification of Jewish educators to the education of Jewish teens.

We provide extensive library resources; sponsor study tours to Israel and beyond and provide ongoing classes, workshops and seminars.

Something for Everyone

Take an introductory class in Hebrew or delve into the extensive curriculum of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School. You’ll find like-minded peers and inspiring teachers at the AJL!

Please visit us at our offices and explore our Web site for the programs that meet your educational needs and goals.

Board of Directors

AJL’s Board is comprised of caring and visionary community leaders and rank-and-file community members who share an abiding commitment to Jewish learning and peoplehood.

Our Staff

AJL educators, scholars and program coordinators are deeply committed to Jewish learning in an increasingly complex world.

We come from many walks of life, yet share a commonality of heritage and an abiding love for the Jewish people, Jewish identity, collective history and knowledge. 


Agency for Jewish Learning * 2740 Beechwood Blvd * Pittsburgh, PA 15217 * 412-521-1101

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