“On the hearth, a small fire burns,
A school room’s warm, radiant haze,
A teacher instructing Jewish children,
‘A-B-C, dear ones … Aleph-Beyz’…” Yiddish Folksong
Oyfn Pripichik

The Jewish Teacher Institute (JTI) at AJL is rooted in a time-honored commitment to the education of Jewish children from the earliest possible age. Providing teacher recruitment, placement, on-site support and professional development, JTI collaborates with educators at Jewish day schools, preschools and congregational religious schools throughout the Pittsburgh region.

Please click on any of the following programs for more information: 

•  Continuing Education
Certification of Jewish Educators
•  Educator Peer Associations 
Jewish Teacher Incentives Program 
•  Pittsburgh Association of Jewish Educators
•  Pittsburgh Board of License
Preschool Directors’ Academy
•  Principals’ Academy
•  Shachar: Jewish Education 101
•  Act 48 Continuing Education at AJL 


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