If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?” Hillel

Reaching Jewish Youth:  Our youth are our future and the standard bearers of Jewish heritage down the ages. To them we commit our resource, hope and destiny.

At J-SITE, Jewish teenagers engage in formal and experiential learning to acquire a body of Jewish knowledge and inspire them to take an active role in Jewish life. 
As the leader in Jewish teenage education for students from all backgrounds, J-SITE prepares individuals to think critically, feel responsibility to the Jewish people, and participate in Jewish communal life. Positive Jewish involvement at this pivotal age will help teens grow into highly engaged Jews. The J-SITE program is organized around the following areas:

  • Academic
    Students study Jewish sources and apply them to real-life decisions. Students refine and improve Hebrew skills so they can communicate in the language of our people.
  • Arts and Culture
    Students interpret artistic works and create their own contributions to the body of Jewish expression through visual art, music, writing and other media.
  • Service Learning and Leadership
    Students identify social issues, devise ways to effect change, and fulfill the Jewish imperative to do tzedakah u’mishpat (justice and righteousness).
  • Israel
    Students strengthen their connection to the Jewish community locally, nationally and globally. Students construct lasting personal connections to Israel through study, travel, and interactions with Israelis.

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Beth Young: (412) 521-1101 Ext. 3203 

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