“The Torah speaks of four sons: a wise one, a wicked one, a naïve one and one who does not know to ask.” Passover Haggadah

The Agency for Jewish Learning endeavors to the all-inclusive nature of Jewish education as passed down to us through tradition. Our special needs programs bring students with moderate to severe disabilities into the mainstream of Jewish education.

AJL has instituted an on-going assessment of Jewish special education needs in the greater Pittsburgh community of congregational and day schools.

Consultants and Aides
AJL provides special education consultants to Pittsburgh-area congregational schools to assist in adapting curriculum to students with special needs. We also train and place high school students as aides under the supervision of consultants to work individually with special needs students in the classroom.

Special Needs Educational Seminar
A seminar series funded by the Ladies Hospital Aid Society of Western Pennsylvania, hosted at AJL, sponsors panels, discussions and speakers for parents, caregivers and educators, with Act 48 continuing education credits.

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