“Let me paint you a picture. We are in Krakow, Poland, and it is Friday night, nearly Shabbat. It is chilly, and night is falling quickly. Our group is rushed from the hotel and down the cobblestone street to the heart of the Jewish Quarter. There is where the synagogue is located, hidden at the back of a small square. . . .” Jackie Brody, Prague & Poland Tour Participant

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A World of Learning
AJL Study Tours are explorations across time, history and collective experience. We journey to world centers of Jewish civilization in Israel, Spain, Hungary, Poland and beyond—to Jerusalem, Seville, Budapest and Warsaw—to find connection and understanding of place. Our tours offer an interpretive, searching model of travel under the guidance of scholars and educators, prominent in their fields.

Traveling Classrooms
Our group tours begin weeks before departure with orientation seminars and preparatory study. Travel extends the classroom to the wider world where experience and history converge. Students meet with key members of distant Jewish communities and trace ancestral roots to both well-known and obscure sites of Jewish significance. AJL tours shed light on the far-reaching influence of Jewish experience and culture on the world stage.

Through Jewish Eyes
AJL Study Tours explore the broad scope of Jewish civilization in the world through the intimacy of up-close encounters. AJL travel is edifying and eye-opening, sometimes disquieting and oftentimes soul-stirring.

“We traveled for hours through the green countryside, finally reaching the provincial town of Bobov…. A few blocks from the square the synagogue stood, sturdy but unkempt…. In the back of the synagogue, part of the white paint had been removed and a mural of Jerusalem appeared on the wall…. And I pondered that if ever the paint would be pulled off, and the mural revealed, would this building once again become a gathering place for the Jews of Bobov?” Lori Rice, Prague & Poland Tour Participant

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